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Women and Children's Services

Mom365So you're having a baby. Congratulations! You're probably checking out local maternity centers to decide where you want to deliver your baby. We designed Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center's maternity services with your—and your baby's—health and comfort in mind. Check out what we offer—and you'll want to experience our luxurious delivery rooms, experienced and caring staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and parenting classes for yourself. To make preparations for delivery at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, consult with your OB-Gyn and pre-register by completing this form.

Baby Stays With You...

At most hospitals, after a short time the staff whisks your baby away to do tests and measurements, and then baby stays in the nursery. At Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, we do all the necessary tests at your bedside, and baby stays with you during your entire stay so you can bond. This also keeps dad with the family, instead of running back and forth from the delivery room to the nursery. What a perfect way to enjoy being together as a family for the first time!

...But Only When You Want Him/Her To

No matter how excited you are to be with your new baby, every new mom needs some time to rest after delivery. If you prefer, our experienced staff will care for your baby in the nursery so you can nap, and bring your little one back to you when you're ready.

Delivery Room - or Luxury Hotel Room?

When moms-to-be tour our facilities, they're always surprised at the size of our delivery rooms. And not only are the rooms big—they're warm and inviting, and are set up like hotel rooms with a bassinet for baby, a warmer so your baby doesn't become chilled while we do the necessary tests and procedures right in your room, a sofa for dad to sleep on, and chairs for all the visitors who want to come and coo over your new baby.